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Terms and Conditions for Bonus Complimentary Vacation

When you purchase any Octant Destinations cruise, it is mandatory to obtain travel insurance to use the offer. This offer is valid until December 31st, 2023. Once you purchase the cruise with travel insurance, you will receive a link via email to claim a bonus complimentary vacation. You must claim the bonus vacation within 7 days from the time the link is emailed to you, and activate it by paying the taxes and fees. Please note that you will be solely responsible for the taxes, fees (including resort fees), food, activities, and airfare during the complimentary vacation. 
Once the bonus complimentary vacation is activated, you will have 18 months from the date of activation to go on it. Please note that no refunds will be allowed for the complimentary vacation. However, you can transfer it to another person by email before activating it. 
Refunds for cruises, transportation, and accommodations depend on the booking policies of the respective companies and their booking type. So, make sure to act fast and claim your bonus vacation within the given time frame. One bonus complimentary vacation per household per year is allowed. By clicking the link in the email for the bonus complimentary vacation and paying the taxes and fees for it, you accept these terms and conditions.

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